Small Business

Debbie Burgermeister

A rare quality with over 35yrs expertise in horses as well as 20yrs in corporate business process and systems efficiency.
Turning her own business around after 10yrs from losing money to breaking even to making money through simple changes over 2yrs.

Passion to help easier running of a small business business especially in the equine industry……with over 13yrs an established horse riding school, learning the hard, costly and long way of doing things, their is plenty that Deb would love to share and help with your business through systemisation. 

How many business hats are your wearing? From managing customer communications, bookings, administration and more.

A business professional with detailed business management experience and thorough knowledge of workforce management, strategic planning and project management. Deb’s key focus is on utilising outstanding organisational, planning and business analysis skills to implement quick wins with long term impact. As part of a collaborative, efficient and successful team to help people have a happier and healthy life with purpose, and help other business owners to simplify, systemise and increase revenue.

Working with others to make a difference!